Emily Fully Automates Contract Workflows and Saves $50K

Emily Fully Automates Contract Workflows and Saves $50K

Nonprofits are always looking for ways to cut costs and maximize efficiency. That’s why Emily, Senior Director for Information Systems at the YMCA of Delaware, has used Formstack for over a decade.

“We come up with new ways to use Formstack all the time.”

The YMCA of Delaware began using Formstack Forms more than 10 years ago to fill gaps in their CRM. Their initial uses included membership payment forms and self-service requests. When they moved to Salesforce, Emily found Formstack to be an “excellent complement” to the powerful CRM. They can easily track members’ requests—such as membership holds, refunds, and help desk inquiries—and automatically store that data in Salesforce by using the Salesforce integration

Over time, the YMCA of Delaware has adopted Formstack in all 10 of their locations. They’ve collected more than 300,000 submissions through nearly 800 forms. But their growth with Formstack hasn’t stopped there. They added advanced security to maintain HIPAA compliance while collecting healthcare information from members, as well as Formstack for Salesforce to extend the functionality of their Salesforce instance. 

Most recently, they’ve begun using Documents and Sign to automate contract workflows, including membership contracts and childcare releases. This will be a game-changer for their licensed childcare program, which has to use a lot of complex workflows to gather information from parents. “They'll be able to sign all of the information, and then all that will flow back into Salesforce and be saved there so that we have it on file when we need it for our state licensing,” Emily said. She believes using the Formstack Platform for their childcare release forms, contracts, and waivers will save them $50,000 and hundreds of staff hours. As a small staff, an easy-to-learn tool like Formstack is exactly what they need to keep all their programs running smoothly.

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Saved money

Reduced software expense by $50,000

Improved customer experience

Used form pre-fill to personalize forms

Maximized productivity

Empowered staff with a simple yet powerful workflow automation tool

Optimized Salesforce

Built automated workflows that store data directly in Salesforce

Video Transcript

Just in the expense of the software, I believe we're going to be saving about $50,000 a year with our forms that we've been sending for child care and camp.  

My name is Emily Glading. I'm a senior director for information systems for the YMCA of Delaware.

How are you using Formstack?

Currently, the YMCA of Delaware is using Formstack and Formstack for Salesforce across all 10 of our locations in the state of Delaware. We have also recently purchased Documents and Sign. It was a very affordable option for us. And it was awesome because we're already familiar with Formstack.

And there's a lot of possibilities for using it, I think. It also integrates with Salesforce. So we will be able to send a contract to a member via email, have them sign it, and almost instantly it's returned to their account and stored as a file in Salesforce. So we're really excited to automate that process. It's going to save us a lot of time.

Why did you decide to invest in the Formstack Platform? 

The YMCA of Delaware started working with Formstack about 10 years ago to fill in gaps with our old system. For a nonprofit, it really is important for us to have things that are flexible and easy to use and really can be used for more than one purpose. You don't want to end up with 15 different software products that you're working with because you've got this one use case and you had to get something.

And it can get out of hand. And we do have small staff teams. So it's important to us that we have things that are flexible, that are easy to use, and that, honestly, you don't have to be super technical to use these products. A lot of it you can teach yourself. Formstack that has support. And they have a lot of online resources and an online knowledge base.

What does the future look like with Forms, Documents, and Sign?

So I think the future with the three products is very exciting. And as I started to work with it, your mind starts to turn and you're like, oh, maybe we could use it for this or that. So I really do feel like we're going to come up with new ways to use it all the time.

A giant part of the YMCA is child care and camp. And to do licensed child care, there's a lot of complex forms that you have to create and have parents complete. My dream is that we will be able to send out the form to the families as part of a Salesforce flow.

So they're going to get a unique link that will be just for that child that we'll be able to pre-populate the form with some information that might already be in our system so that the families don't have to re-add that information. They'll be able to sign all of the information, and then all that will flow back into Salesforce and be saved there so that we have it on file when we need it for our state licensing.

Why should companies try Formstack?

If you're looking for a product, you've got needs where you need to collect information or you need to send information out to your customers, I think Formstack's a great place to start. There are a lot of integrations when you look within the product. So we happen to have Salesforce, but it integrates with many more systems. There's a huge list.

So my advice would be get a demo. They have trial versions. You can play around with it for a little bit. And I think you'll see the power in some of the tools they have.

Founded in 1891, the YMCA of Delaware is the state’s largest nonprofit organization committed to strengthening local citizens through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. With seven branches statewide, a youth resource center, and an overnight camp, the Y has developed long-standing relationships to deliver lasting personal and social change.
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